InnoGear 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser with Remote Control, Premium Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffusers Scent Humidifier Vaporizer Auto-Off Timer for Large Room Home, Yellow


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100ml Diffuser + 6*10ml Oils

400ml Diffuser + 10*10ml Oils




Adjustable Mist

Timer Setting






Auto off

Special Features

Ideal Gift Set

Upwards Powerful Mist

Handcrafted Cover

Handcrafted Cover

3D Fireworks Effect

essential oil diffuseressential oil diffuser

Why Choose Us? diffuser with remotediffuser with remote Empower Relaxation with Remote

Experience complete control with the remote. From turning it on or off to setting timers, adjusting mist levels from a gentle to a robust flow, or switching between continuous and intermittent mist modes – all at your fingertips. Simply relax, recline, and take charge of every aspect with ease.

diffuser for large roomdiffuser for large room Long-Lasting Oil Diffuser

Enjoy extended tranquility with our oil diffuser, offering 9-12 hours of strong mode or an impressive 16-18 hours in a weak mode. No more interruptions in the middle of the night – indulge in continuous aromatherapy without the hassle of frequent refills.

diffusers for homediffusers for home Discover the Difference

The upgraded aromatherapy diffuser boasts an impressive 300% increase in mist strength, ensuring a gentle and widespread diffusion of soothing aromatherapy. elevate your space with consistent humidification and immersive aromatherapy.

oil diffuseroil diffuser Customizable Lighting

Set the mood with our essential oil diffuser’s independent lighting option. Choose from a captivating rotation of 8 colors or fixate on a specific hue, crafting a welcoming atmosphere that enhances your space.

aromatherapy diffuseraromatherapy diffuser Effortless Refills

Enjoy the convenience of a large water tank with an easy-to-lift cover, making refilling a breeze.

essential oils for diffusers for homeessential oils for diffusers for home Customizable Mist Modes

Choose between continuous or intermittent mist, with the option for a strong or weak flow, creating the perfect atmosphere tailored to your needs.

oil diffuser large roomoil diffuser large room Convenient Timer Settings

Set your preferred timer (1H/2H/3H) and let the aroma diffuser automatically power off when the time is up, providing a hassle-free experience.

scent diffusers for homescent diffusers for home Exceptional Quality

Crafted from premium PP material, diffuser ensures safety for you. Delivered in a beautiful gift box, it’s an ideal present for family and friends.

Is it possible to deactivate the diffuser light while using only the mist function?

Absolutely! The light and mist can be controlled independently. Turning the diffuser light off has no effect on misting function. If you want both light and mist to shut down, please press on mist button for 2 seconds.

Will adjusting the H/L button affect other functions?

It’s important to note that adjusting the H/L button won’t have any impact on the lighting status, timing settings, or the intermittent/continuous misting mode.

What is the duration of operation for this diffuser?

The diffuser has a maximum runtime of 18 hours, with 9-12 hours for strong mist and 16-18 hours for weak mist, when filled with a maximum of 500ml of water.

Can I operate the diffuser without adding essential oils?

Certainly, the use of essential oils is optional. The diffuser can be operated without oils, functioning like a humidifier in the absence of oils.

aroma diffuseraroma diffuser

Prolonged Aromatherapy and Humidification: With a capacious 500ml and easy-to-clean water tank, the InnoGear oil diffuser can run for up to 18 hours (9-12h for strong mist and 16-18h for weak) without the need for mid-session refills, to elevate your sensory experience from the moment you wake for the day to the last few minutes before you drift off to sleep at night.
Multiple Mist Modes: The aromatherapy diffuser is selectable to run in continuous or intermittent mode (releases mist every 30 seconds), strong or weak mode, and is adjustable with the humidifier timers (1H/2H/3H) to suit your preferences and create the perfect ambiance.
Powerful Upwards Mist Flow: Thanks to advanced ultrasonic technology, the diffuser delivers a potent upward mist flow—three times stronger than ordinary diffusers. Efficiently humidify the air without affecting your furniture, ensuring uniform atomization of essential oils.
Diverse Ambient Night Light: Diffuser offers 8 colors of ambient light mode, each with two intensity settings (50% brightness or full brightness), which allows you to enhance a soothing atmosphere with a choice of 16 different light combinations. You can set the light through a rainbow of colors or fix it on a single color of choice. The light can be turned on or off independently.

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